ManyVids MySweetApple Breaking the Friendzone w NetflixWeed
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MV – MySweetApple – Breaking the Friendzone w/ Netflix&Weed

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MV – MySweetApple – Breaking the Friendzone w/ Netflix&Weed


Paolo and Kim have been friends for more than 10 years already. They met in high school and even though their lives have taken separate ways, they still find the time to have fun together and be there for each other. Kim is the social, outgoing type of girl, she’s had so many boyfriends she lost track. Paolo is a really good friend with her, maybe too good, but he’s shy and would never do anything to hurt her feelings or their awesome relationship. It’s wednesday, Kim had a raugh day at work and Paolo was still up, so they decided to meet at his house for some Netflix&chill. Paolo even bought her favorite chocolates and pop corn. 3am, she’s downstairs, and from here, it all goes up and wild. She starts telling him about her rough day, but as usual Paolo can only think of one thing: she’s so beautiful. Her soft skin, her happy face, her perky tits and nipples showing off her tiny crop top, her long legs and delicate hands and her firm, round ass in a tight little skirt. She’s a dream girl, but he’s just her friend, he’ll always be. Kim is single now, for the first time in ages, so they’ve been meeting a lot more than they used to, she’s being a lot more handsy and Paolo is really enjoying it. They turn on the TV, put on Netflix, take the bong and chill down. They are eating pop corn, Paolo is staring at her, watching her fill her mouth with a handful of them. Wonder what else that pretty mouth can do. She’s taking the pop corn from a bowl on his crotch, she’s leaving her hand way longer than needed in the bowl. Suddenly, she’s too raugh and all the pop corn fall over his crotch. Stop! Don’t worry, I’ve got this. Now she’s taking each pop corn with her mouth directly from his pants. What’s happening?! Buy the video and find out how this story goes on! This video includes: Roleplay, upskirt, sucking chocolate bar, BJ, deepthroat, pussy licking, missionary, side fuck, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, cumshot in mouth and swallow

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