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A Look Behind the Persona 5 | Lana Rain Ann Takamaki Cosplay


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Ann Takamaki from Persona 5 is held captive in your own mind’s labyrinth. Use your mind’s projection of Ann Takamaki to slowly break the real Ann’s defenses down and convince her to be more honest with what it is that she really craves…As many who followed my Twitter during the final day I put this together know well, this took the most work out of all of my videos thus far, even far more than any of my S-Tiers. 3 weeks of scriptwriting and careful detailing of set up and gear weeks in advanced in order to visualize the possibility of what I was going for. Honestly, this is a FULL FLEDGED S-Tier, but I promised you guys A-Tier prices and I have the best supporters in the world so I don’t mind at all. If you couldn’t guess from the Screens already, in this A-Tier you’re able to choose your own path on what actions you want to take and come up with different endings. There are many routes you can take, try to find them all :).