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REM & RAM Work Together To “Help” You | Lana Rain

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REM & RAM Work Together To “Help” You | Lana Rain


.Rem and Ram find you laying on the ground in the middle of the forest and bring you back to their mansion to help you out. They found out you’re “cursed” and tell you there’s “only one way to remove the curse”…This took several days to film since I had to time and juggle the two cosplays with my camming streams and coordinate for the best possible time with my cosplays/get ups for Youtube as well but in the end this ended up being extremely fun to do. It was definitely a new approach but I hope you guys like it! Due to the amount of work and effort put into this and since I’ve never done this ambitious approach before, this marks as the first A-Tier that reaches the maximum price cap for A-Tiers that I had detailed in my Tier List info box for you guys last year. I hope you guys think the price is fair so let me know

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