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Froppy Shows Us Her True Nature | Lana Rain

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Lana Rain, cosplaying as Tsuyu, starts the video at a school desk lightly rubbing herself through her panties. She quickly moves on to blowing one dildo before it transitions to a triple blowjob on three dildos. She switches to masturbating on the school desk (disappointingly without any cumshots so far). She bends over the desk and alternates between the dildos in doggystyle. She follows this with a few different camera angles in missionary position, this time swapping out the normal dildos for animal- and creature-themed ones. Finally, she gets spitroasted by two dildos in two different variations: one spitroast in doggystyle bent over the desk and one spitroast in missionary laying on the desk. There is another quick switch to just doggystle before the video ends with a cumshot compilation with Lana in missionary on the desk as various dildos shoot fake cum at her spread pussy.