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Dolly Mattel in Daddy’s Home Porn

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Dolly Mattel in Daddy’s Home Porn

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When Daddy’s away, my fingers come out to play!! I’m supposed to be an Anal Only Whore, but Daddy’s out for the night, and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt right? I know he’d be so disappointed to find out his Anal Only Whore is touching her Doll Parts, but it’s been so long and my cunt aches for touch. I finally make the bad decision of touching where I’m not supposed to, I rub my fingers over my shorts and gasp as it’s been so long since I felt anything down there. I pull of my pink bottoms to reveal my pretty little cunt, I rub my clit up and down and soon slowly insert two fingers in my tight pink pussy. Oh, it feels so good. It’s been so long, I’d hate for Daddy to find out how good I’m making myself feel playing with the hole thats no longer supposed to be in use. Then, just as I feel myself getting close, Daddy opens up the door with the most disappointed look I’ve ever seen and I prepare myself for the beating of a lifetime