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Belle’s latest PPV video and definitely one of her weirder ones, through out the video the story is given using still comic book style frames with captions combined with the usual video sections. We begin with a guy walking through the forest saying he has had a bad day and wants to take his frustration out on something when he finds Belle handcuffed to a tree, she asks him to help her but he tells her he will only do it if she follows his orders and tells her to call him Daddy. At this point Belle calls him a pervert and he responds by taking of his belt and spanking her until she agrees to follow his orders. He frees Belle from the tree and then uses his belt as a leash attached to her handcuffs to drag her back to his house. Back in the perverts house Belle is now locked in a dog cage and he tells her she is not leaving until she makes him cum, from here there are several scenes with a pink dildo which is supposed to be the guy which Belle first blows and then fucks herself with before finally taking a fake cumshot on her ass. We finish with her captor telling her he might keep her forever.