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This video features a silver-haired Belle Delphine in pink lingerie and cat ears. She blows a black dildo and spreads white lube on her ass. Belle grinds the dildo before riding it. She rides the dildo with both her pussy and anus, alternating. Then Belle changes to a larger fleshlike dildo. A male hand helps Belle fit the dildo into her pussy. She rides the dildo for a short bit before changing to a slimmer pink dildo.Belle holds onto her male assistant as she rides the dildo. He fingers Belle before she goes back to riding the dildo. Then Belle sits on top of her male assistant as he fucks her with the dildo. Then she rides the dildo on top of him. Then Belle positions herself upside down on her stomach between the male’s legs. He plays with Belles pussy before fucking her more with the dildo. Then Belle sits on his lap facing him, as he pumps the dildo into Belle.