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21 Years Old Satine | Backroom Casting Couch

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This week’s delightful casting candidate is 21-year-old Satine. Currently working in a clothing store, her experiences seemingly mould her into a strong character that would stoop to any level to earn a living. Satine is an absolute dream. She’s young, petite, and eager to please. This woman is a hidden gem, not exactly unnoticed but still undiscovered. Satine is attractive but has a somewhat reserved and quiet demeanour, possibly shy. However, her mild appearance is deceptive because when the spotlight shines, her personality shifts dramatically. The changes in her character were particularly fascinating. She displayed a submissive nature that was surprisingly pleasing. Imagine a girl you come across at a mall or a grocery store, looking perfectly innocent and unremarkable. But beneath the surface, if you are fortunate enough to see the true Satine, you’d find a difference. When Rick is interviewing her, you can see how flushed and red her neck and chest get, so that was the first sign we would have a good day. When I get my dick in her mouth right away, she slurps and gets as deep on it as she can. She rides my cock with a smile and has no problem with anything we throw at her. She mentions she’s a fan of anal, but she likes to start slow, so that’s what we do. Boy, howdy, once she gets loosened up and comfortable having a cock in her ass, it’s off to the races. She handles the anal with no issues and seems to actually enjoy it. She loves watching my cock fuck her sweet fresh butthole. She smiles at the gaps and doesn’t hesitate to taste every inch of my cock as it comes straight from her ass. I finish her off with a pretty nice ‘pie, and Rick tosses her the buzz buzz so she can squeak out a nice quiet orgasm before we shoo her out the door with nothing more than she came in with